Carla Oliveira

The long term objectives of our group are to define and characterize inherited defects that trigger the development of cancer to improve disease prevention and/or early diagnosis; and to identify cancer-specific profiles, based on a priori molecular stratification, to be explored as predictive markers for prognosis, treatment and drug resistance.

To address these objectives, we use NGS data and advanced Bioinformatics analysis to integrate genetic, epigenetic, gene expression and splicing pattern data and define better key genotype-phenotype correlations that prevail in cancer. We use gastric cancer as a model disease and test our hypothesis in gastric cell line models and xenograft mouse models, using molecular and cell biology approaches. With this research we wish to identify key genes in gastric cancer development; define causative combinations of genetic and epigenetic defects leading to either tumour suppressor gene inactivation or oncogene activation; and determine the combinations that directly affect the response to therapy or resistance to treatment.

Head of the Expression Regulation in Cancer Group at Ipatimup/i3S