8th BiotechHealth Annual Symposium

Last June, the 7th Edition students from our Doctoral Program organized the 8th BiotechHealth Annual Symposium, this year entitled Biotech Talks | The Future is Now. Once again, this event took place fully virtually due to pandemic reasons. On June 28th, the BiotechHealth community got together to share and discuss the current work of the program’ students. As in previous years, 1st year students had the opportunity to share their thesis project and discuss it with the community and the external advisors. The older editions’ students updated the current advances on their projects and discussed them with their peers. Although in a virtual form, it was a very productive day that brought us together as a community!
Then, on June 29th the open day of the 8th BiotechHealth Annual Symposium took place, through the online platform Beamian. Gathering more than 200 registrations, it was an exciting day learning and discussing novel techniques and advances in the field of biotechnology that confirm to us that we are living the Future that other scientists, not too long ago, predicted. The Future is Now, as it was proven by the remarkable panel of speakers, national and international. All the details can be found on our website, It was a privilege to organize this event and to share it with so many people from all around the world, but this would not have been possible without the help from our scientific committee and advisory board, the availability from our institutional partners and the support from our uncomparable sponsors!
We hope that you enjoyed this Symposium as much as we did!
7th Edition Students