Prof. Andres Garcia at the 9th BiotechHealth Annual Symposium

On June 28th, the 9th BiotechHealth Annual Symposium received Prof. Andrés García, Executive Director of the Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience and Regents’ Professor at Woodruff School in the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Prof. García was the keynote speaker and presented his most recent work on engineered poly(ethylene glycol) [PEG]-maleimide hydrogels in several regenerative medicine applications, from local delivery of therapeutic proteins and cells, to engraftment and enhancement of tissue repair. Alongside with his scientific achievements, he also shared his personal experience with the students, keeping up with the thematic of the symposium.

The organizing committee of the 9th BiotechHealth Annual Symposium were honored to host Prof. García’s talk, who shared his extensive experience in bioengineering and materials science.