Mário Barbosa

Mário Barbosa leads the Microenvironments for New Therapies (MiNT) group of i3S. Pivotal in the strategy of his group is the concept that bioengineered matrices are major therapeutic and diagnostic agents and platforms for biological studies. The group has bioengineered matrix-inspired biomaterials, including nanobiomaterials, that promote tissue repair/regeneration and influence cell behaviour by modulating inflammation. This rational has been consistently adopted by MiNT, namely for bone, the intervertebral disc and cancer, in close collaboration with other i3S groups and clinicians. The promotion of scientific autonomy, including of PhD students, and excellence in research in an international context is one of the hallmarks of the group. Mário Barbosa was one of the founders of BiotechHealth and its first Director from 2013 to October 2020.