Study in Porto

Study in Porto: 


The city offers a vibrant academic life hosting world-renowned research centres. The University of Porto can provide students an outstanding PhD experience, while embedded in the cultural and social life well-recognized by all those that live and visit Porto. 


The students of the BiotechHealth PhD Programme is hosted by ICBAS, FFUP, i3S and REQUIMTE, and are highly encouraged to perform a relevant part of their work in the BiotechHealth associated institutions. The UPorto campus is surrounded by green areas and cozy places to study and relax. There are several types of accommodation provided by UPorto, which you can find here.

What to do? 

The host institutions operate in an international context, organizing conferences, workshops and seminars on a weekly basis. Porto is a pulsating city, full of events for all tastes involving gastronomy, music, cinema, sport,…you choose. Moreover, the host institutions also support social networking areas and groups, which you can engage.

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